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Trends on digital transformation in 2021

Following COVID-19, the trends on digital transformation have increasing highly replacing the previous traditional slow approaches. Though no one can predict about future, the benefits of being digitalized have already shown how important itself, and at scale. If you want to keep pace with new technologies of business, have a look to know the recent trends of 2021.

1. Digital transformation gets accelerated Investment

Due to COVID-19, most of the companies are accelerated their investment to cope with the era of Digital Transformation. Restrictions on movement, interrupt in supplies and office termination drive this trend which is published in the Global Trade Magazine.

The convenient features of evolving in digitalized system enhances this trend by 5.3 years which is reported by Media House IOTNOW. At the same time, Statista predicts that Digital Transformation will be nearly double in 2020-2023. Though this pandemic situation won’t last so long hopefully, people have understood the convenience of remote services or communications. So, the choice is yours whether you wanna keep pace with the New World or keep yourself in the old version.

2. Huge CDP explosion

In the last few months, an explosion in Customer Data Platform has seen which will be continued in the upcoming months also. Basically, CDP is a unified as well as persistent database where different types of raw data are stored which is accessible to anyone. Organising multiple sources of data is so tough that consumes too much time. A recent report from IBM shows that U.S business costs 3 trillion dollars roughly in a year with this so-called bad data. Therefore, addressing this provocation should get more priority for all organisations.

CDP handle such type of problems efficiently and the most important is more organised than the traditional process. Many renowned technological companies like Adobe, Mircosoft, Oracle and SAP have already invested a huge amount of manpower with powerful new CDPs. Furthermore, businesses with CDP services can take innovative approaches to handle all challenges to gain 360 customer view.

3. Business highly evolves in virtual interaction

For the sake of long-time lockdown restrictions, from the beginning of 2020, most of the business companies have been involved in virtual interaction. To cope with the new pandemic situations, companies asked their employees to work from home where they can work remotely with virtual communication. It is noticed from a new research of Roy Morgan that almost 4.3 million Australian working people work from home which is nearly 32%.

The trend of this Digital Transformation will be continued through 2021. For overcoming the difficulties due to the lack of personal interactions, virtual platforms will redefine and extend their features and functionalities in video conferencing, internal messaging and social media capacities. Also, the emphasis on the expansion of 5G cellular services will be enhanced for ultrafast-speed, improving accessibility and high-volume data communication. Definitely 5g will go mainstream cause this is the high time!

4. Hybrid Cloud wins the Enterprise Architecture

As businesses are increasingly moving towards the cloud infrastructure, a combination of public and private cloud system make a Hybrid Cloud. This storage architecture will win the enterprise market due to its convenient, user-friendly and work-from-home capabilities. From Saas applications to on-prem solutions, Hybrid Cloud techniques help the companies to balance their unique cloud storage need.

In the past year, the large public cloud providers such as Google, Azure, AWS, Oracle and IBM highly invested in being created Hybrid Cloud Architecture. According to Forbes, investments in constructing tools that can capable of connecting simply between cloud and on-premises data-center are highly increased around 2020 and through the upcoming years.

5. Business moves towards Contactless Solutions

During the lockdown, it is clearly noticed that it doesn’t necessary to contact face-to-face with the client to the developer, or with the owner to the employee and so on. Due to coronavirus, business, education, livelihood everything have become remoted. That’s why all the companies deal with their customers or client without any face-to-face contact but in virtual communication.

According to Delotiie, switch to Digital Technologies has been reduced the necessity of any physical connection between two parties. Certainly, this digital transformation trend affects some customer-facing tasks like grocery or clothing shopping. In 2021, businesses will be more flexible and customer-friendly by providing contactless solutions through video-conferencing platforms and so on. B2B e-commerce business will get more priority as people like to be relaxed at home.

6. Cybersecurity owns a great Concern

Though the explosion of e-commerce is on blast, to maintain and protect this huge amount of data is a very critical tech trend for 2021. Hackers have expanded their activities around the business world during this pandemic. It has been observed that on banks cyber-attacks rise 238% and on cloud servers, it was 600% from January to April of 2020 alone. Can you imagine this?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be vital to overcome this major concern of this century. More sophisticated tools and advanced algorithms can fish out this serious issue for the business world. The modern era of business will be observing the easiest and smartest services of business definitely.

7. Omnichannel-personalization.png

In 2020, omnichannel retailing has been introduced and from the related events also predict that it will be an essential factor for gaining desired success. Omnichannel retail is a kind of multi-channel approach where the main focus is to provide a seamless customer experience. While you are shopping or purchasing anything online or in a brick-and-mortar store, these integrated channels offer you a purchase decision.

The main benefit of this trend is to provide the customer such a feeling that it seems online and brick-mortar-store as the same whole. Definitely, this is the key to digital transformation trends which remove the barriers offering the virtual visibility of platforms. Give this architecture priority while developing an idea with business.

8. Artificial Intelligence extends large scale

For coronavirus pandemic, Artificial Intelligence has accelerated highly to convenient the features of business platform. The democratization of AI and data will role the next decades certainly. Companies, governments and agencies realise to work together for building a faster solution to overcome this pandemic situation overnight. AI, Data and Machine Learning are the key tools to naturally turn in.

While many experts and inventors feel that AI will be the ‘Future’ magic lamp. Nowadays it becomes a part of our daily life. What you see on social media or suggested to purchase on Amazon, all are the outcomes of using AI on a large scale. Therefore, if you have a focus on launching a business, keep in mind to apply AI for achieving customer satisfaction.

Finally, 2021 will be a big year ahead. Hopefully, this year will continue with better health and mental peace. Furthermore, development in the business industry may go a long way. For those who have a focus on business organizations of the globe is better to be on the way of DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.

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