What Information We Use
  • To communicate with the consultant & Clients directly via email, text, phone and online chat.
  • For JR Consulting’s internal service delivery purposes.
  • To gather information about what sort of services 21st-century businesses want for digital transformation.
  • We use client & consultant data to analyse client needs and the consultant’s capacity to produce the service.
  • We provide information to the Federal/ State regulatory department for security breaches or compliances purpose.
  • To gather information about how people are engaging with, and enjoying, the services that are displayed on the Site e
What we don’t do:
  • We do not exchange/use people’s personal/business information for commercial purposes to third-party vendors.
Information Collected
When you visit the Site we obtain few types of information:
  • By our usage of cookies/similar functionality
  • Analytics and Similar functionality
  • Personal information when you register as a consultant/request for a service/task.
  • We collect information that you voluntarily provide to us when you choose to contact JR Consulting through the website.
More Specifically:
  • The types of information we collect, how we collect it, how long we keep it, as well as why we collect it.
  • The ways in which we use, share and protect that information.
  • Details regarding third parties’ (such as cookies and analytics functionality) usage of that information
Information You Provide When You Contact Us Via the Site:

If you choose to contact us via the Site, you are voluntarily providing personal information to as us part of the communication. More specifically, contacting Ethical AI Advisory through the Site involves the collection of the following information.

  • Your name:
  • Your email address:
  • The company you work for (as well as your role within the company)
  • Your phone number:
  • The nature of your inquiry, as well as a brief description of what you hope to achieve by utilizing artificial intelligence.