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The incredible trends of Android App development that you should know

Before you take a jump in exploring and riding on the waves of changes or hire mobile application developers to develop an app, it is important to understand the Android app development trends and their implications on the Android ecosystem. Don’t just emulate changes, rather partner with a mobile application development company to capitalize on its benefits

Here we present a quick round-up of Android application development trends that will give you a better insight into what will dominate in the year 2021.

Let’s take a look at Android application development trends in 2021!


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Android Instant Apps

It’s an amazing technique of Android. With Google Play Instant, Android users can try out an app or game completely with install the application. They are very simple to use as Instant Apps do not require users to download the applications. The most outstanding thing is, they can be operated directly from the cloud. So, you don’t need extra space on your mobile device. Really it’s very handy, isn’t it?

These apps remove all the clutter of unused or unnecessary apps from your devices. Recently Google has launched several new features for Android app developers. These features make Android app development easier and simpler to build smaller apps than before. It allows faster download allowing potential users to try out a new app without installing it.

The Android App Bundle is Android’s new app publishing format where you will get a Google Play Instant experience quickly.

Cloud support

As every day starts with new ideas and technologies, the development companies have launched new features almost every month. That’s why users own several devices and change them almost every year. To keep us safe and calm cloud support is one of the most adorable features.

Android gives more priority to cloud support more than before. This 2021 will introduce some of the amazing features to keep its user more flexible and comfortable. Just a simple reminder, do you remember the last time you have bought a new phone and had to install all the apps on it from scratch? No, it’s not. Just you have opened each app and all the information has been saved which is processing from Android Cloud support. The main feature of cloud support is accessing the apps on multiple devices without losing any data. So, life is very comfy when you are an Android user.



People nowadays are crazy about animated videos and smooth motion graphics. MothionLayout is the way that allows developers to bridge the gap between layout transitions and complex motion. It helps to manage motion and widget animation in the android app. It comes with a bunch of features to upgrade user’s experience.

Animation framework, TransitionManager and CoordinatorLayout are the main property of MontionLayout. As it is a part of the ConstraintLayout library, MotionLayout works as a support library. More importantly, it is backward-compatible to API level 14 which provides super flexibility in Android development.

5G Technology

5G technology provides exponential speed and performance which is unthinkable compare with the 4G technology. With the speed of 100 GBPS, 5G technology speeds up data transmission. It tends to build a high-performance and feature-rich app to improve user performance.



Now with the exponential growth of mobile app development, reducing mobile app slowness gets more priority. Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) are the techniques that aim at reducing mobile app’s slowness.

The quality of mobile apps can be increased with these technologies. They focus not only on the security and safety of apps but also allows efficient data exchange over mobile devices.


The innovation of chatbots is an excellent feature for any type of application. In the coming year, heavy demand for chatbots will be created. After all, chatbots are changing the way of businesses pattern. It allows business organizations to interact with customers and resolve their problems. Several industries such as food delivery, product delivery as well as eCommerce and retail are embracing this chatbot development.

More precisely, chatbots are changing the way businesses and enhance the flexibility to conduct a business. Now, organizations can interact with customers via mobile phones. The technology of Chatbots enables mobile app to respond to customers’ queries fastly. That’s why food delivery services, transportation services, and online shopping have become more comfortable than before.


On-demand applications

This pandemic situation has changed people’s lives and their activities. Consequently, it is resulting in heavy demand for on-demand applications. For example, in healthcare, travel, retail, hotel, cloth, grocery, and much more are integrated into online business.

Nowadays, several industries are using on-demand apps to conduct their business. But on-demand Android application development will continue to rise in the coming year definitely.


Flutter is an amazing trend for mobile development which is made by Google. It allows a developer to build beautiful native apps on both iOS and Android platforms. The most amazing part is you can do it from a single codebase. So, things become very flexible and handy.

It comes with a new architecture such as customizable and extensible widgets. This framework is a mobile SDK providing reactive views where there are no requirements of a JavaScript bridge.

Android Jetpack

Jetpack is a suite of libraries, tools, and guidance in building a high-quality android app. It makes the developers easy to build the apps. These components allow developers to follow best practices. It keeps you free from producing boilerplate code and makes complex tasks easy. Therefore, you can focus on the architecture that you care about. Android Jetpack includes all existing support libraries, architectures, and structures. Therefore, issues like app management and backward compatibility can be resolved easily.

Augmented Reality

Android app development is taking the next step to integrate the amalgamation of AR/VR with AI. It is introducing advanced technologies including Visual Positioning Service (VPS). This technology is the latest AR technology which is capable of identifying and emulating visual features in users’ surroundings.


Machine Learning

In this era of Machine learning, Android app development features Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many smartphones will perform advanced technology to provide an amazing user experience. Todays, landmark recognition, image labeling, barcode scanning, face recognition, and text recognition all are possible in the Android app.

In 2021, this practice will get more priority. AI features in Android phones will be able to simplify work for users. Moreover, it builds a fantastic experience of using a smartphone.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is becoming a buzz in various fields. It is expected to evolve in terms of security, public & private blockchain architecture. In 2021 and the forthcoming years, the blockchain mobile apps development market will boom. A recent survey shows that it will boom to USD 20 billion by the end of 2024. Blockchain and Blockchain app development is growing in popularity which might one of the fabulous trends in mobile developments..

Though Android application development trends continue to change, it is important to develop apps with the latest technology. The updated and seize opportunities allow to provide amazing experience through the app. So, before developing an app, carefully consider several factors which might the updated technologies so that you can satisfy your customers. Feel free to talk to our consultant s to get the proper guidelines to make your app!



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