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The Future of Ecommerce: Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

For good reason, eCommerce sales have been increasing greatly. Nowadays, online shopping is one of the top popular online activities which makes a new horizon for business. Global eCommerce sales increase 26.7 percent in 2021 (eMarketer, 2021). So, don’t you feel excited to know the recent trends of eCommerce? To transform your business to a new horizon,you should be updated and a bit tricky. So, without any further intro, let’s get into the main topic.


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Why eCommerce Trends are Important?

Before started reading this article, you might have a question that why eCommerce trends are important to know. To be very frank, for enhancing your business performance and make a good profit, you should know about which trends are upcoming. To keep pace with the thousands of competitors, eCommerce trends should be frequently monitored.

You need to acquire sufficient ideas to ensure your future success. Otherwise, the risk of falling is your close to the door. The recent trends help you to update your business and adapt to the world in a timely manner.

Are you wondering what the future of eCommerce looks like? Do you want to look into what trends will shape the success of your online store? Here are the top 10 eCommerce trends for 2021 that you need to look out for.

Augmented reality enhances the reality of online shopping

Augmented reality (AR) has been considered a complete game-changer for the eCommerce platform. Shoppers become more flexible with this type of technology because it allows seeing the item that they're looking for. It makes them quick to take a buying decision. In the forthcoming years, AR will really change the shopping experience. With this technology, a customer can get a better feel for the item without seeing it in-person.

Many experts give a prediction about the huge investment of AR in eCommerce. 100 million consumers will shop using AR by 2020 which is predicted by Gartner in 2019. So it will be interesting to see how that shakes out next year.

Voice search will get great importance

To complete daily tasks, nowadays people depend on voice assistants. This trend will be growing amazing in the next years as it offers great convenience. A survey from Loop Ventures shows that by 2025, 75% of U.S. households will own a smart speaker.

With the adaption of smart speakers, more consumers will use voice search. To shop online, order food and manage various household activities, the volume of voice search will be increased. It creates a great opportunity for eCommerce businesses to work with keywords and content.

Director of eCommerce Solutions David Zimmerman said, “more involvement of voice-enabled solutions in the commerce space with Amazon Alexa and Google Home” high on his list of 2020 trends to keep an eye on. So, start with a business with voice search capability.

Chatbots improve shopping experiences in 2021

As people involve more with Artificial intelligence in this decade, Virtual assistance or virtual service will be achieved more priority in the next year. Because people want fast service and virtually it can be handled easily rather than physically. That’s why Chatbots will be more lucrative in eCommerce.

Chatbots can interact with online shoppers as if they are talking with an in-store sales associate. It improves customer’s comfort and saves their time. Today's customers want to get a product within just a few clicks. The more fast your service is, the more you get customers. A chatbot can do all these tasks perfectly and increase your sale. Many experts said that 80% of business platforms are using chatbots in 2020. And in 2021, the percentage will be increased.

AI helps shops learn about shoppers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning now are on the hipe in every industry. For eCommerce, it is becoming such a blessing. It makes the customer become automated and helps to personalize shopping experiences.

People want to know that brands care about them, and AI will be programmed accordingly. We have currently seen the opposite behavior on social media, where AIs learn from humans’ more negative remarks, but it’s highly likely that consumers will crave the impact. If bots can learn how to form sentences to convey an emotion, companies can soon teach them to offer comfort and products based on customers’ moods”, said Ron Smith, Editor in Chief, The Digital Outdoor

Basically, AI is continuously collecting data about the customer and using different machine learning, it suggests buyers for purchasing a product. Amazingly, it can suggest this product what a customer is looking for. It's a fabulous technology that really can't be replicated in-store.

Big data brings personalized experiences

Due to large attachment with the online platform, today many customers are more aware of data retrieval. They know that eCommerce sites are collecting their personal data and sometimes it may put them at risk. For this reason, experts said big data has mixed benefits. Basically, it depends on how it affects the personalized shopping experience of a customer.

As the tech companies continue to enhance their service in-house, personalization will get more priority to improve service quality. So, you should research with the data which you collect from your customer. A great data scientist can make your business one step forward by providing your customer a happy experience.

Mobile shopping becomes so popular

As a consequence of this pandemic, people prefer online shopping. They like to purchase from anywhere at any time which is an important aspect of the business. Using mobile phones they order most of their purchase which is known from a survey.

The insight of this, if your eCommerce site invests more in making a mobile responsive page, your business will grow so fast than before. Customers who are using mobile want to enjoy such convenience. Plus the ability to pay digitally adds a new horizon to your business. In 2019, Statista predicts that by the end of 2021, 73% of eCommerce sales will take place on a mobile device.

The tech field will be changed at any time as we see the last few years, many revolutionary inventions will change our modern life. So, you might find some differences from our list. But, with the flow of recent hype, it can be assumed that these things will change the eCommerce platform. Your business will offer more comfort and flexibility if you involved these technologies in your business.

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